SMU Cox - The Corner Suite: CEO Moments of Truth

The corner suite. It’s where decisions get made—tough decisions that are becoming increasingly complex in today’s ever-changing global marketplace. Scaling, globalization, international laws and conflict, monetary policy, political agendas and of course, stockholder value often influence how a chief executive officer decides to steer his or her company to heightened levels of success amidst increasing expectations.

From within these headquarters, new corporate policies such as work place flexibility and diversity initiatives are created, supported and implemented. New visions of driving and rewarding innovation are seen to fruition. New customer-based philosophies are shared across thousands of points of access. And in these offices, our leaders face their own personal moments of truth. Can they handle the burdens donned by the titles? Will their visions of success be embraced by the organizations and ultimately materialize? Will they leave the companies in better shape than when they got there?

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2016 Alley Scholars Summit

Each year, events are planned to help inspire, educate, and inform students about career opportunities.  During the Summit, various companies connect with the students to provide information about their organization. These representatives take time to visit with the students to help position them for future consideration. Additionally, institutions of higher learning will be available to present their programs of study for advanced degree placement.

The Alley Scholars Shark Tank Challenge Business Plan Competition is the highlight of the Summit.  The competition is designed to provide collegiate entrepreneurs a real-world experience to develop their business plan and network with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals.  This event recognizes and awards aspiring students who demonstrate an understanding of the process required in implementing a new venture.

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