Chandra Martin to Complete Another Race!

Chandra is currently training for her third marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, which will take place in Arlington, Virginia on October 30, 2016. Her running journey began four years ago with a goal to complete 50 half marathons and 5 marathons before her 50th birthday. To date, she has completed 37 half marathons and 2 marathons including Marathon Bahamas (Nassau, Bahamas), Divas Half Marathon (Galveston, TX), The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon (Anaheim, CA), The Miami Marathon (Miami, FL), Bank of America Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL), and many others. 

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SMU Cox - The Corner Suite: CEO Moments of Truth

The corner suite. It’s where decisions get made—tough decisions that are becoming increasingly complex in today’s ever-changing global marketplace. Scaling, globalization, international laws and conflict, monetary policy, political agendas and of course, stockholder value often influence how a chief executive officer decides to steer his or her company to heightened levels of success amidst increasing expectations.

From within these headquarters, new corporate policies such as work place flexibility and diversity initiatives are created, supported and implemented. New visions of driving and rewarding innovation are seen to fruition. New customer-based philosophies are shared across thousands of points of access. And in these offices, our leaders face their own personal moments of truth. Can they handle the burdens donned by the titles? Will their visions of success be embraced by the organizations and ultimately materialize? Will they leave the companies in better shape than when they got there?

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Con-Real Team Welcomes Back Stephanie Alley and Says Farewell to Floyd Jones

After a maternity leave in April, Stephanie now returns with a bundle of joy.  Ms. Alley is now working in the Construction Department in Administration.
“Thank you for the support and baby gifts during my leave, I am happy to be back.” – Stephanie Alley

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